Don’t buy these speakers!

Grrr, grrr, and furthermore grrr. I’ve given myself some time to calm down, but I’m still not quite there yet. A few months ago, I bought these Samson Studio Dock speakers:

Studio Dock Speakers

Look nice, eh? Good price too – 80 quid. <green ink mode> Unfortunately the volume knob was broken, so I took them back. I went to pick them up a few weeks later on my bike (a very bad idea), and the knob problem had been fixed. Great. Then a couple of weeks later they started crackling every now and then. So again I took them back. I was pleased to get a replacement, didn’t mind getting rained on while lugging them back on the bus. But then I got home and discovered that they had the same volume knob problem as the first pair, and also were chipped. Why, why, why didn’t I ckeck them? Now I have to go in a fourth time. </green ink mode> It was my fault. I should have checked. Why didn’t I listen to my Dad as I was growing up?