Google Chrome OS

I’m a bit of a Google fan, so I installed their latest operating system in a VM. I downloaded the torrent (Virgin Media seem to be blocking your web access for even a legal bittorrent download), and with a few mouse clicks it was up and running. Here’s a screenshot…


There’s not much to say about it really – it looks like the Chrome browser, and that’s pretty much the whole OS. It should boot in seven seconds and will only run on special hardware, slightly larger than a netbook.

Il Trasloco e’ Fatigoso

…or in English, moving is tiring. We’re moving to Bristol soon, and have to simultaneously redecorate the dining room, arrange builders to fix things, let the house, rent somewhere else, buy a car and then, finally, move. At least we’re not arranging a wedding too. Tonight I’ve been washing walls with sugarsoap, a vicious degreaser which is meant to make paint go on well. I feel like I’m just wiping dust all over the walls, though.