Upgrading to Windows 7

I don’t think I’ve ever had a flawless Operating System upgrade. Windows 7 was no exception. After endless reboots and failures, I gave up in the early hours of Saturday night (yes, I was having that much fun). In the morning with a clear head, I found the right google search, enabled SATA AHCI, disabled USB at during one of the reboots, and hey presto – success.

Why did I install Windows 7? Well, not just to get the shiney window borders, it was mainly to try and help my PC come out of sleep. Fail. Still doesn’t work. As a last resort, I grit my teeth, pull on the rubber gloves, and upgrade the BIOS. Yup, that was the problem <groan>.

First impressions? Shiney, a bit more usable, and wierdly, everything seems bigger; I think that’s because of the chunkey borders. Now, on with the install… <deep breath>.

One thought on “Upgrading to Windows 7”

  1. Ed, let me know how it goes – I’m kind of tempted to upgrade myself, having seen Win 7 briefly on David’s new computer, and having been quite impressed by that

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