I’m really impressed with Flipboard, an app which really uses the capabilities of the iPad to deliver a novel and compelling reading experience. It manages to make your facebook and twitter feeds look like they were designed by a skilled magazine layout editor. I can see it being controversial as it also strips out all the adds. Makes me glad to be an “elitist” iPad owner.

Jamiaca – the board game

We’ve started a board games group at the Studio where Katie works, and last night after a few pizzas, we played Jamaica. It’s a race game, but you don’t win just by crossing the line first, you also have to have sufficient gold. There are also cannons to collect and fire at opponents, and food to spend if you want to land on a square. Snakes and ladders on steroids.

I’m not a vampire

I just scared the heebee-jeebees out of myself by innocently trying to use a shortcut in eclipse to copy a line into the clipboard. Instead, it turned my whole screen upside down! As a commenter on stackoverflow said:

Presumably flipping your screen upside down is not something you want to do often (unless you’re a vampire/bat).

Quite right.
In the end I found exactly what I was looking for in google code.

Tom Wainwright – Pedestrian

On the edge of the Edinburgh cliff, we went to see the warm-up for Tom’s new show which he’s performing 23 times in the festival. He’s shortened it by a few minutes since I saw it last time, and it’s energy level is threatening to cross the red line. I don’t know how he’s going to manage the full month. I wish his audiences luck and enjoyment as they are trapped in the goldfish bowl of his dream for just over an hour.