My favourite albums

I tried to figure out my favourite albums of all time tonight, because I realise that I’ve never sat down and tried to pin them down.
After much agonising, I came up with a definitive list of 58 albums…

I think it needs some pruning.

2 thoughts on “My favourite albums”

  1. Very good Ed. Heavy emphasis on the classics. Pretty broad spread across the decades. A strict maximum of one album per band/ artist I see. And a wide spread of genres. If it was my list I’d have a maximum of 20, maybe only 10, with fewer genres. I don’t know if that would be ‘better’ or ‘worse’!

  2. You’re right, the list is too long. Consider it a longlist; the shortlist will be 10 but will take a long time to figure that out. Come on then, let’s have your list!

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