Our baby is official

I’m just back from the registry office with a birth certificate for our officially named baby – Vashti Grace Porteous Day. There were some challenging questions – where was Katie born? When were we married? At least the piece of paper has the right information now following a few frantic calls to various members of the Day family.

On the way back I stopped in to see the girls from the parenting class. Last time we met they were all pregnant. Now they each had a baby in their arms, or at their breasts. Upon arrival I was immediately handed a baby – not mine – to hold while some milk was prepared. Just two weeks this would have petrified me. How things change.

And how babies change. They grow so quickly – the variation of sizes of the assembled infants born within four weeks was remarkable.

How to stop a baby crying

Well I’ve found a few techniques, but unfortunately, I seem to be able to use each technique once only. If I distract her by making a funny noise in her ear or similar, she forgets she is crying and sometimes stops for up to a minute. Her Godfather Johnathan gave her a stop crying tape, purchased in T K Max just weeks ago. This worked once.

Here she is with The Godfather:

And considering whether she should exercise her lungs some more:

Wind, poo, wee, sick, screaming, more screaming, sleep

After what has emerged to have been a honeymoon period, the little girl spent most of yesterday more how I had always feared in my pre-baby days. She spent the whole evening wailing inconsolably, the poor thing. We are now going to try some stuff called Infacol which supposedly helps to clear the dreaded wind.

Having said all that, today she has been an angel again. I guess there are just going to be good days and bad days.

The dawn chorus

A beautiful moment this morning. A marathon winding session was followed by a cathartic bowel movement precipitated a nappy change. That wasn’t beautiful. However, just as we were finishing, the birds started chirping and she turned her little head to listen to them, her first experience of birdsong.