Six weeks

The little girl is now six weeks old. Here are some of the things she likes:

  • kicking around on the changing mat in her birthday suit
  • baths (sometimes)
  • being over your shoulder
  • music (horray!)
  • being outside

She’s not so keen on:

  • anything going on in her tummy
  • lying down after being over your shoulder (so no change there)
  • evenings
  • the hot weather

She’s good at:

  • holding her head up (good muscle tone according to the health visitor)
  • grunting like an Angry Birds piggy whilst being in her basket or feeding
  • feeding (horray)
  • chess (unproven, but I have a strong suspicion)

Tummy time is good because it helps to build her crawling muscles. She’s really good at arching her back, so this presents no challenge. All thanks to weeks of battle against bubbles.

Me making silly noises, which makes her smile (easily pleased):

First smile

You’re never quite sure – is it wind or is it a real smile? I’m pretty sure, well, I’m going to tag this post anyway, that today she did her first real smile. How can you tell? Well, I think (and what I know about babies you could until very recently fit onto the back of a Bolivar 10c Green) it is because the smile seemed to touch the eyes. In any case, it was cute, even if it was wind.

It’s been an eventful weekend since the megapoo. We had a baby-off with Tamsin. Her’s won on the size stakes. We’ll see how ours is doing in round two later this year.

Plus today there was the first proper summer family outing (with a car and everything) to Cannon Hill Park. Vashti was not 100% convinced by the merits of the park, but we did manage to by some fantastic goats cheese, chutney, macaroons and artisan bread. To be fair on the poor little girl, I think she didn’t like the heat, and was also brewing up megapoo number two which she unleashed on us tonight after some very serious crying. The cheese was very thoroughly consumed post-megapoo in collaboration with the god parents.


The health visitor had warned us. The NCT girls had warned us. It was brewing for days. Finally it arrived – the megapoo. Baby digestion goes through many changes in the first six weeks. First there’s black tar poo, then there’s cous-cous poo, then nothing… then the megapoo. She had been out of sorts all day, and it clearly came as a huge relief to her. The biodegradable nappy did an admirable job of containing the explosion with just a bit escaping to stain the lovely babygrow from my sister. After the change, she felt very sleepy.

We’re still getting used to the wonder of having a proper garden which you actually want to use. This one may actually get some attention.

Maximise the stress

Two of the most stressful life events are supposedly moving house and having a baby. If you’re going to do both at the same time, why not add to the stress and have a theatre tour running at the same time, in which all the props spontaneously stop working the day before a major festival.

The silver lining is that we’re in the house we’ve wanted to live in for the last 18 months, and eating dinner in the garden tonight genuinely felt like being on holiday.

Vashti’s really enjoying the new house now, though that could be that she’s grown up a bit. She certainly enjoys being outside.

She’s also started to savor baths a bit more and is happy reclining back (with a supporting hand, of course!)

Another new discovery are those five pronged things at the end of those long chubby protrusions sticking out from the hard bit below her head. Occasionally they end up in the vicinity of mouth and are a satisfying, if not tasty alternative to a nipple.

Katie’s mum Jacky has been an enormous help, taking time out between rehearsals for the latest theatre show (I know, that family…) to come down and cuddle the baby and generally help out. As a result, the downstairs is now free of boxes.

Our new home

Today we completed on our new house in Kings Heath. It’s been a long road to get here – we started looking almost 18 months ago and have had a baby in the meantime.

I’m really excited by the house. It’s over a hundred years old and unlike so many similar houses, has survived refurbishments and still has most of the original features, such as a superb Minton tile hallway, original coving and sash windows.

I took Vashti there straight after picking up the keys, and she was initially unimpressed, remaining resolutely asleep.

However, we discovered that it has two huge steps. How on earth did we completely fail to miss that when we looked around? Was it the snow? Did we somehow not have infants on our minds? Anyway, the little girl was unimpressed with my stair + buggy climbing technique and was kind enough to let me know…

She calmed right down after being introduced to the garden.

Later Katie arrived and we had a good mooch about the garden. The previous owner had left a note that the newts should be fed (he had kindly left some flakes for this purpose), that there is a garden hedgehog, and that the route between the two ponds should not under any circumstances be obstructed, because the frogs need access.

Secret path
Ahhh... spring. My favorite season.