First smile

You’re never quite sure – is it wind or is it a real smile? I’m pretty sure, well, I’m going to tag this post anyway, that today she did her first real smile. How can you tell? Well, I think (and what I know about babies you could until very recently fit onto the back of a Bolivar 10c Green) it is because the smile seemed to touch the eyes. In any case, it was cute, even if it was wind.

It’s been an eventful weekend since the megapoo. We had a baby-off with Tamsin. Her’s won on the size stakes. We’ll see how ours is doing in round two later this year.

Plus today there was the first proper summer family outing (with a car and everything) to Cannon Hill Park. Vashti was not 100% convinced by the merits of the park, but we did manage to by some fantastic goats cheese, chutney, macaroons and artisan bread. To be fair on the poor little girl, I think she didn’t like the heat, and was also brewing up megapoo number two which she unleashed on us tonight after some very serious crying. The cheese was very thoroughly consumed post-megapoo in collaboration with the god parents.