Maximise the stress

Two of the most stressful life events are supposedly moving house and having a baby. If you’re going to do both at the same time, why not add to the stress and have a theatre tour running at the same time, in which all the props spontaneously stop working the day before a major festival.

The silver lining is that we’re in the house we’ve wanted to live in for the last 18 months, and eating dinner in the garden tonight genuinely felt like being on holiday.

Vashti’s really enjoying the new house now, though that could be that she’s grown up a bit. She certainly enjoys being outside.

She’s also started to savor baths a bit more and is happy reclining back (with a supporting hand, of course!)

Another new discovery are those five pronged things at the end of those long chubby protrusions sticking out from the hard bit below her head. Occasionally they end up in the vicinity of mouth and are a satisfying, if not tasty alternative to a nipple.

Katie’s mum Jacky has been an enormous help, taking time out between rehearsals for the latest theatre show (I know, that family…) to come down and cuddle the baby and generally help out. As a result, the downstairs is now free of boxes.