Six weeks

The little girl is now six weeks old. Here are some of the things she likes:

  • kicking around on the changing mat in her birthday suit
  • baths (sometimes)
  • being over your shoulder
  • music (horray!)
  • being outside

She’s not so keen on:

  • anything going on in her tummy
  • lying down after being over your shoulder (so no change there)
  • evenings
  • the hot weather

She’s good at:

  • holding her head up (good muscle tone according to the health visitor)
  • grunting like an Angry Birds piggy whilst being in her basket or feeding
  • feeding (horray)
  • chess (unproven, but I have a strong suspicion)

Tummy time is good because it helps to build her crawling muscles. She’s really good at arching her back, so this presents no challenge. All thanks to weeks of battle against bubbles.

Me making silly noises, which makes her smile (easily pleased):