7 weeks and counting

V is continuing to put on weight like a watermelon. The fruit of the incredible work her brain is doing in joining the neurons is the ability to put her hand in her mouth and suck like it’s going out of fashion. Just in time, because the dummy (which we only used for a short time), though stunningly effective in subduing crying fits, was interrupting normal feeding patterns. Unfortunately her brain is unable tell the difference between a little finger, a dummy or a nipple, and she started to develop the notion that milk would flow without any effort on her part.

The other momentous event was a full night of sleep last night, 6.5 hours. I knew something was up when I woke up to sunlight and not the pregnant darkness of 3am. I’m sure I’ll be cursing myself for writing this in a weeks time after she has reverted to her more rigorous schedule.

It’s hard to enumerate the number of changes that have taken place in the last week since I last posted, there is a new discovery every day, such as the increased palette of noises, squawks, squeaks and squeals. Then there’s the muscle tone on her neck which has let her hold it up for long stretches. She’s just beginning to try and grab things. But with this new awareness, it is still surprising what she misses. I held her opposite another baby, inches away for several minutes and the two infants completely ignored each other. In fact, they are happy to stare at an adult, but other babies don’t seem to exist to them.

This uncommunicative baby session was at the my first big NCT event (the friends made at the parenting class), the barbecue held at the South-African/Swedish household of some other parents.

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