The girl continues to grow, as expected. It’s fun to see new things every day. At the moment, the principle area of exploration is with the throat as new noises are being rapidly discovered. She’s laughed a couple of times, and is smiling more and more all the time. She’s now very proficient at sucking her hand, and if anyone’s looking for a masterclass in how to sleep through the night, our little friend is starting to become an expert. I have still to work out whether this is because she and I are in a separate bedroom and my proven abilities to sleep through earthquakes and fire alarms is a factor.

I had some quality time alone with her last night and took some snaps while K went to the bar to do some preparation work for a pitch at Warwick Arts Centre tomorrow. V was feeling left out so she and I popped over to join K for a pint and something to eat (yes, both of us).