Tummy Time

Who invents these terms? Certainly not men. Well the babies don’t care, at least not this one. She loves being on her tummy for a short period while she exercises those crawling muscles.

Today we went to a party with the NCT but unfortunately my computer ate the pictures. It was quite fun lining all the babies up on the couch and watching them slouching into each other. Even rammed up next to other infants, none of the babies really acknowledged the (very) close proximity of their peers.

So what has the girl learnt in the this week? Well, she’s now getting quite good at sucking her thumb. There are so many small things that seem to change each day but it’s quite subtle. She seems pretty happy in her skin and is a generally chilled out little girl; she’s also quite intense – her head snaps from side to side as she stares at things, she frantically munches at her hands, and when she stares at you, it is with saucer-like, piercing eyes. V is a real little character with a range of facial expressions and habits.

It seems no time at all now, but last weekend we had a visit from the grandparents, and received a lovely wooden rocking horse, which I’m sure she will love when she gets a bit older.

That’s a smile.

She even got her first cross country walk.