Housewarming party

I couldn’t believe it. After one of the wettest July I can remember (probably another record breaker – June was), the first day of summer happened to coincide with our housewarming tea party. I also couldn’t believe the turnout. We never had huge numbers of people to our parties back at the old house, but perhaps like goldfish, the crowd grew to fit the space available. There were guests from my old job, my new job, my old church, my new church, Italian class, parenting class, and three houses in a row of neighbours, all of whom were lovely. Vashti was amazing, she must be an extrovert because she’s much happier with lots of people around. But we couldn’t do it without our good friends Lou, Lucy, Jane and Johnathan who helped us bake cakes and generally cope with fifty or so guests and a three month baby. Good work Katie.

The little muncher is getting bigger (if not as quickly as the fussy health visitors would like), and has her first tooth on its way. This leads to: lots of dribble; funny faces as she munches her lips; and a little bit of crying, but thankfully not too much. She’s going to look peculiar with only one tooth, I’m quite looking forward to that.


One of my favourite films of all times is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Early on there’s a fantastic moment where under the influence of a mysterious obelisk, the ape-man discovers how to use a tool for the first time.

You could say V had that realisation for the first time last night when she figured out she could make the toys attached to her bouncy chair spin round by whacking them with her hand.

Busy week

Last week was so busy that I’ve only just got around to looking at the pictures.

On Saturday Auntie Claire came to visit, helping us sofa shopping and playing in the garden.

Then we had a bit of cultural exchange and met my Italian friend who is over for the Be Festival.

Speaking of the Be Festival, we actually went along for Friday night to watch a few shows. She made it through the first 10 minutes of the first performance before waking up and adding her own commentary to the (terrible) proceedings. I think she was really complaining that she hadn’t had the chance to watch Andy Murray making it into the Wimbledon Final. So we took some time out backstage and enjoyed the improvised furniture.

She’s still developing incredibly quickly; we notice new changes almost daily. One big change is a discovery of toys. She particularly likes Monkey (thanks Claire!).