Living in Bristol

I just found a draft blog post which never got published. It was drafted on 22 December 2009. I don’t know why I never posted it. Possibly it was because I could only think of four good things about living in Bristol and I was stuck on number five, and so it remained for two and a half years, until now.

I’ve been in Bristol a week now, so it’s time to reflect on the good, the bad and the environmentally questionable. Let’s get the bad out of the way:

1. Driving, driving, driving. On the first week commuting with the new car (a reconditioned cat-D writeoff) I discovered that the screenwash pump had a leak. This was not a nice thing to discover on a fast A road in the dark. eeek.

2. No friends. I don’t know anyone in Bristol.

3. Moving is not fun at all.

4. Where is home? Is it Birmingham? Is it Bristol? Next time I move, it’ll have to be a clean break, none of this going back to the old house to decorate.

5. Katie appears to be allergic to the new flat. Drastic action may have to be taken.

And the good…

1. 10 years of odd jobs done in 3 months. My friend Matt said that he did all the jobs in house just before moving to Australia. Our advantage is that we plan to move back and enjoy the emulsion.

2. 25 minute walk to town centre, i.e. the cinema where Katie gets free tickets, the galleries, the water, and lots of other things I haven’t discovered yet.

3. Hippies. Bristol is much more hippy than Birmingham; lots of organic, bio, tree-hugging, carrot-shaving, beansprout-eating shops and people. Hang on, why is this in the Good section?

4. Good pub just down the road. The road we live behind is lined with independent resturants, bars, cafes, bakerys, massage parlours (both types), record shops, etc.


On reflection, I would probably discount Good #3 – the hippies were not an advantage. Good #2 was indeed one of the best things about living there. Also, I did meet some friends, mostly they were Katie’s friends, but good people nonetheless.