LED Bulb Breakthrough

I’m pretty into solid state technology, ever since I studied it at university. I’ve been disappointed however by the poor quality of LED replacements for halogen bulbs. I rather optimistically purchased a set of “warm” bulbs from Homebase a few years ago which turned out to be virtually blue. Not wanting to spend £71/year on 350W of halogen lighting in the kitchen alone, I set out to research the latest advances in LED downlighters. Here are three bulbs – a halogen, the LED bulb from Homebase, and the latest Phillips bulb. See if you can tell which is which.

The one on the left is the halogen, the middle is from Homebase and the one on the right is the latest from Phillips. The key number to look out for is the colour temperature. This is not quoted for most LED bulbs, so don’t buy them. The Phillips bulb is 2,700K, the same as halogen, and it does give a nice warm light. The only problem is the price, however even at £18 each, they should pay for themselves in about two years.

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