Moseley Folk Festival

For those too weedy to camp in a muddy field, there’s always the Moseley Folk Festival, just half an hour’s walk away. So, a low risk first festival for a baby? She did pretty well, considering. I didn’t see any other babies less than six months old, and although she did spend the first couple of hours in a state of partial to complete meltdown, there was a recovery after a short rest at home. By Sunday I had her practicing holding a pint of beer (with Mum away, of course). She’s shaping up to be a pretty good baby, with her love of my guitar playing, juggling and now beer.

2 thoughts on “Moseley Folk Festival”

  1. Well Jonathan Wilson was very good if not original. I caught the first few songs of the Roy Harper set and even knew one of them. He seems to have improved with age, though his inter-song monologues are just as rambling. Little Sister were great, at least what I could hear over the screaming.

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