Although my mum hasn’t had much contact with baby toys since we were small (quite a while ago now), she immediately recognised Fisher Price as the creator of the almighty, hideous, completely OTT baby bouncing monstrosity known as the Jumperoo (Amazon edition). Taking the attitude of more is more, this contraption is designed to appeal to baby’s every sense. Clearly Vashti has very different tastes to her dad, as she demonstrates on her first trial…

She’s had her best few days of her short life this week – very little crying, not much waking in the night, lots of smiling. This coincides with commencement in earnest of solid food, and she really is enjoying it. Exhibit One – Pear and Yogurt puree:

Up, up and away

That baby is shooting upwards like a Polaris missile. I’m sure when I got home the other day she had grown since I left for work.

She’s still learning new tricks. She was mimicking me sticking out my tongue earlier on (little clown). Hitting things really hard is popular, especially while holding a full mug of water, and especially while in the bath where she can splash water all over mum, dad, the walls, her face and poor little rubber ducky. So much for carefully holding her head out of the water. Bath-time has become a bit of a wrestling match.


Weaning has commenced. Unlike some of the other babies who took a month to take solid food (they started rather early), V has really taken to eating. Ice cubes of pureed pear are melted in a little bowl. She gets one spoon, grown-up gets the other. Both spoons compete to get the food into the mouth first. She also takes sticks of carrot, broccoli and crunchy rice cakes. Mmmm, air. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Still no teeth, so the gums do all the work. We’ll have to avoid milk and eggs for now – she came up in a rash after a taste of scrambled egg. Fortunately it went away soon after.

Sitting: any day now. A bit like when I was learning five ball juggling, she gets longer and longer periods of being upright, until flop she goes into the watchful parent or grandparent’s hand.

We were looking at the one-week pictures last night and just couldn’t believe how much difference six months makes.

In the Pyrenees

The Beanmeister got to use her passport for the first time as we set off overland and under-sea to within spitting distance of Spain, up in the Pyrenees at my Father-in-law’s cottage overlooking the valley.

It was quite a logistical challenge figuring out what to bring with us, given that we had no boot to throw everything into. The train demands efficiency of packing, so we came up with a highly optimised solution involving about two changes of clothing each for us, leaving the remaining 90% capacity for her stuff.

It didn’t start well. Someone threw themselves under the train in front soon after setting off, so we had to turn back and get on another train, missing our Eurostar, but more distressingly, leaving the poor little Quaver in a terrible state as we pulled into Marylebone desperate to escape the crammed-in carriage.

Just for the record if you’re reading this Vashti, your first ever stay in a hotel was Thursday 4th October at Paris Gare de Lyon in a nice hotel called Novotel.

The first half of the week was spent luxuriating in the heat of southern France, collecting bread from the bread van at 9:53am and introducing V to the local ladies (I learnt the french for cute). The end didn’t go so well due to an unfortunate incident involving a bad dad, some hot water and a small foot (now healing nicely).

We had fun on the Paris Metro, getting trapped within the unstaffed ticket zone due to some malfunctionioning barriers and a rash decision to run through a disabled barrier. With the clock ticking we were unable to escape until we found an gate stuck open and legged it through. How does the Paris Metro always seem to involve some drama for our family.

Now we’re back and V has celebrated her first 1/2 birthday. Where shall we go next? Portugal?