Phew, it’s over. Vashti is now anointed with oil and water and I guess means she is a member of the Church of England, so she’ll have to start paying her tithe pretty soon. Would that be to donate one of her toys each month? She wouldn’t like that. No, she hasn’t got that many toys so she’s safe.

Here’s the full video, filmed with an impressively steady hand by Uncle John…

I wasn’t using the camera much during the day, but got a few snaps.

The joy of food

It seems that the whole day is taken up by eating at the moment. Of course while you’re just getting used to the idea of food, you would want to turn every morsel around in your hand and study it carefully before attacking your face with it in the hope of scoring a mouthful. No, I’m being a bit unfair, she’s actually quite dexterous given this is all new. I’ve even (on the sly) been giving her snacks behind mum’s back…


This is from last weekend. Vashti is being encouraged to eat a piece of carrot by my dad using a technique perfected with Millie the Spaniel.

We just got a new bed delivered, in time for Katie’s Birthday. It’s much larger than the previous one. Certainly big enough for a baby.

This afternoon, as part of the birthday celebration, Katie went to see Skyfall, on her own, without a baby. Now that I can feed V, the liberation of this kind of outing will hopefully become more common.