Vashti at eleven months

Boy, it’s almost a year now, how time flies. I don’t know what expected her to be doing at 11 months, since I have virtually no prior experience of babies. Also, it appears that they all develop at different rates (who’d have guessed it – babies are individuals too!). There was a bit of a set back after she got ill a few weeks ago, but things have really taken off since she’s been going to the childminder and spending time with girls and boys just a few months older than her. She’s starting to feed herself yogurt with her own spoon, and now that the first four teeth have been there for a little while she’s got used to yanking off bits of dried fig, chewy fish and apricots.

There’s no standing un-aided yet, but she’s clearly desperate to do so, and having just worn her first pair of shoes today, I think the shiny floors of our downstairs will soon be conquered.

I’m really impressed by the rate at which new skills are acquired. Here’s an example… Three days ago trainee ace reporter Vashti climbed two stairs for the first time. Notice how big the stairs seem:

Today, three days later, she practically throws herself up them. This is not her best effort, but does demonstrate excellent commitment – notice how small the stairs seem:


I was lucky enough to have a day out in Bristol with Vashti. She’s on really good form at the moment. She loves being alive, is crawling around on hands an knees, smiles and laughs all the time and giggles when Dad picks her up by her legs. Katie was down for a work thing (something to do with making documentaries at Watershed). I was walking around a very sunny Queens park and around the harbour, as well as having lunch in an art gallery cafe. The only alarming part was when she found a piece of broken glass from the floor, scarey. You can’t keep your eyes away for a second. I swear she’ll be walking soon at the rate she’s going.