New Blogs!

My friends Joel and Jane have both started blogs on this website. If you look carefully, you will see links on the right hand menu. Also, you can reach their blogs directly on and I’ve known Joel since my second year at university and Jane is Katie’s co-conspirator in The Other Way Works. They were both best people at our wedding. Expect to read lots of articles about arty things.

Greetings from Linux

Ubuntu logoWell, I was getting so fed up with trying to deal with the differences between Windows and the Linux based hosting which I used, that I decided to take the plunge and install Ubuntu Linux. It all went rather smoothly, for an OS install. I was even able to browse the web on Firefox while waiting. I had to make a few tweakettes, but nothing drastic. Here’s a screenshot. The next question is… will it replace Windows as my main operating system?

Who’d want to be a web developer

TOWW website I’ve been helping Katie to maintain the company’s website ( recently, and very strange things have been happening. Firstly the hosting managed to corrupt several files in wierd and wonderful ways. One file was corrupt, but a load of JPEGs were resized!. Another time I uploaded two files and it managed to swap their contents. Is it just me, or is the internet a very, very odd place?