What’s this site all about, then?

Hi, My name’s Ed.

I like juggling (diabolo mainly at the moment), strumming, travelling, music and trying to say things in Italian.

I live in Birmingham, England.

I get paid to write automotive software for very silly cars.

My wife’s got her own theatre company here in Brum, so I end up seeing lots of weird things that fall under the general banner of Theatre, and are actually kind of hard to explain to people who don’t go to see/do/smell that sort of thing.

And, er, this site… Well, who knows. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Life in a Glasshouse

No I’m not talking about Radiohead, for a change. But they would have loved the post-industrial setting of a show we went to on Friday, called The Glasshouse.

By a company called Kindle Theatre, it took place on the top floor of a deserted glass factory in Smethwick. It was unnerving from the start, when we were taken by an inexplicably functional industrial elevator to the seventh floor. From there we were plied with wine, led through a vetting process, chatted up by the cast and instructed about the manufacture of glass plates.

Fascinating and ambitious.