Our new home

Today we completed on our new house in Kings Heath. It’s been a long road to get here – we started looking almost 18 months ago and have had a baby in the meantime.

I’m really excited by the house. It’s over a hundred years old and unlike so many similar houses, has survived refurbishments and still has most of the original features, such as a superb Minton tile hallway, original coving and sash windows.

I took Vashti there straight after picking up the keys, and she was initially unimpressed, remaining resolutely asleep.

However, we discovered that it has two huge steps. How on earth did we completely fail to miss that when we looked around? Was it the snow? Did we somehow not have infants on our minds? Anyway, the little girl was unimpressed with my stair + buggy climbing technique and was kind enough to let me know…

She calmed right down after being introduced to the garden.

Later Katie arrived and we had a good mooch about the garden. The previous owner had left a note that the newts should be fed (he had kindly left some flakes for this purpose), that there is a garden hedgehog, and that the route between the two ponds should not under any circumstances be obstructed, because the frogs need access.

Secret path
Ahhh... spring. My favorite season.